NEXAVAR may cause birth defects or death of an unborn baby. Avoid becoming pregnant while taking NEXAVAR and for at least 2 weeks after stopping your treatment. Men and women should use birth control during and at least 2 weeks after NEXAVAR therapy. Call your doctor right away if you become pregnant. Do not breastfeed while taking NEXAVAR as this medication may be passed through breast milk. continue reading below »


REACH — Commercial Co-Pay Assistance

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals and Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. seek to provide support to Nexavar patients

Patients with private insurance may be eligible to receive co-pay assistance through REACH.*

  • This program is designed to reduce the monthly co-pay of patients with private insurance
  • Patients covered by Medicare are not eligible for this program. A REACH counselor can tell you if you are eligible for co-pay assistance
  • If eligible, your co-pay can range from $0 to a maximum of $100 per prescription
  • REACH works directly with the specialty pharmacy
  • No special cards or coupons will be necessary

To learn more, call 1.866.NEXAVAR (1.866.639.2827) and speak with a REACH counselor

Participation in the REACH program is not contingent upon future Nexavar purchases.

*This program is not for patients receiving prescription reimbursement under any federal-, state-, or government-funded insurance programs or where prohibited by law.