Patient Starter Kit

Graphic depiction of NEXAVAR® (sorafenib) Patient Starter Kit

Once you are prescribed NEXAVAR, you will receive a Patient Starter Kit, either from your healthcare professional or through a specialty pharmacy provider (SPP). This kit will help guide you through your NEXAVAR therapy and provide you with:

  • Your Guide to NEXAVAR Treatment Booklet

    • This booklet describes how NEXAVAR works and what to expect during treatment, tips for you and your caregivers, and a weekly treatment tracker with stickers you can use to track appointments, refills, and other important dates

  • Dosing Reminder Card

    • An easy-to-read card that reminds you of when and how to take NEXAVAR

  • NEXAVAR Pillbox

    • A holder for your NEXAVAR tablets, which can help you organize your doses throughout the week

  • NEXAVAR Full Prescribing Information

    • This important resource offers complete information about NEXAVAR

  • Udderly Smooth® Cream and Card

    • A card from the manufacturer with information on where to purchase Udderly Smooth Cream is also included